Fur Care


To maintain the beauty and wear ability have your fur professionally cleaned, conditioned and placed in cold storage every summer. Cold storage keeps the leather of your fur from drying and tearing. King Furs and Fine Jewelry’s refrigerated cold storage vault maintained at a temperature of approximately 50 degrees is the perfect place for your fur.

Professional cleaning every summer removes dust and dirt from the fur that can cause the fur to mat, break and split. Even coats worn infrequently are exposed to the elements that cause damage. Professional conditioning adds luster oils back to the fur that evaporate over time and keeps the fur soft, supple and shiny, just like the first day you saw it. Your fur should be cleaned and conditioned every summer whether you wear it just a few times each winter or every day. Our vault is open to inspection should you be curious.

  • Never leave your fur in covers or bags for long periods of time. Without circulation, the fur will crush and dry causing damage.
  • Friction will wear down the fur, so avoid handbags with shoulder straps and "scooting" across seats and benches.
  • Don't attach flowers or jewelry with pins to your fur that penetrate the skins.
  • If your fur gets damp, don’t try to dry it near a heat vent. Hang it on the fur hanger we gave you in a room where the air circulates freely and when it’s dry, give it a good shake. If the fur gets soaked and the skins are wet, get it to your furrier as quickly as possible to avoid major damage.
  • Never use a brush or comb on your fur. To freshen it, shake it vigorously.
  • Never put perfume directly on your fur. The alcohol tends to dry your fur and make it stiff.
  • Never try to spot clean your fur. Many cleaning fluids have petroleum and other chemicals that will damage the fur. Leave the cleaning to the professionals.
  • If your fur tears, do not try to sew it with a needle and thread. All you'll do is make the damage worse and the repair more costly. Your furrier has special machines designed specifically for furs and our furrier is the expert that will easily and inexpensively repair the seam.
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